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Come watch and listen to our 4 Finalists compete LIVE on Saturday, June 2nd:

The SoBro Star is an exciting opportunity for local musicians!  We are looking for an artist who plays guitar or keyboard and sings! Searching for a charismatic entertainer who plays cover music as well as originals (not necessary). The winner will play at residents events, provide poolside entertainment, have opportunities to play offsite at nearby venues and more! Having experience in offering lessons or leading jam sessions are a bonus! If you’d like to be our next SoBro Star see below for details!

SoBro Star - Season 1

Meet Michigan native and Indiana transplant, Jay Filson


Jay was named “The SoBro Star” in Nashville’s first musician-in-residence competition.
The SoBro Star was a musical showdown between three artists who competed to serve as in-house talent in exchange for a yearlong, rent-free stay at the SoBro Apartments.
Move in today and enjoy Jay’s live entertainment as he loops beatboxing, vocals, piano and guitar into every performance.

Follow Jay on his journey @jayfilson on Twitter and Instagram.


The SoBro - Music Lounge from Magellan Development Group on Vimeo.


The SoBro Star - Intro from Magellan Development Group on Vimeo.